Fish and Chips

2005-04-27 03:05:00 +0000

Yesterday was my motherʼs birthday. She turned 29 again.

One of my brothers was flying into town last night, so when my parents came down to pick him up, the four of us went to dinner together.

We had a fun time finding the place, because we didnʼt decide where we wanted to go until after we left the airport, and I was giving directions. I am the guy who has lived in this town for several years now. I should know my way around.

That would be true if I owned a car.

Luckily, I had been to this restaurant just last week, so I had a good idea of which way to go. We just needed to find a road that crossed the river.

There were plenty of emergency vehicles around, too, and Iʼm not sure why.

My twin brother and I ordered the same thing, in unison: fish and chips. I hadnʼt seen him since last summer. Mom got the sampler. Dad got the salmon. Our waiter guessed it was my motherʼs birthday and brought us free dessert.

After dinner we stopped at my apartment, where I gave my mother some flowers, a card, and a finger-painting I did for her. Then my parents and brother left for home, and I stayed up entirely too late playing a video game.