Coolness Meter

2005-05-13 04:55:00 +0000

Iʼd like to derive a superficial formula that can be used to measure coolness. It will be simple and straightforward, with no ambiguity.

What I need from everyone, therefore, are ideas. I need to know what you think should factor into this equation. Everything must be able to be concretely measured without dispute. Here is an example to inspire you:

f^r_{fb} - (2 \times f^i_{fb})

where f^r_{fb} is the number of real friends you have on the Facebook, and f^i_{fb} is the number of imaginary friends you have on the Facebook, e.g. Strong Sad.

Iʼm considering adding a hefty penalty if you own an imaginary identity on the Facebook.

Remember, this will only be funny if we make this as superficial as possible. I know you have it in you.