A Disappointing Lack of Material

2005-05-26 03:36:00 +0000

Today I plan to go to the computer lab as an employee for the last time. School is out, all of my dorm-based friends are gone, and in preparation for my triumphant return to my parentsʼ house, today will be my last day of work.


Yesterday was supposed to be my last day of work, but one of my supervisors came to talk to me while I was on my shift. She said I needed to mentor someone and teach him how to mentor. There are only two proctors that have mentored anyone for the last semester, and both of us are leaving next week.

I agreed to come in this morning to get the job done. Then I will have completed my employment. This is an historic moment.

On Tuesday, I worked in the morning, then ate food and watched two movies at my apartment all alone. That is such a sad existence. On Wednesday I couldnʼt handle the same thing all over again, so I called a friend and we went to the gym.

Then another friend called me and we went to the mall. That was an adventure. I understand why girls take other girls when they go shopping for clothes. The only opinions a man is good for are, “That looks good on you,” or “You look hot.”