It Was Mary Shelley

2005-08-07 18:22:00 +0000

The geek in me doesnʼt want to do anything with a web browser while using a dial-up connection. Unfortunately, the geek in me is me.

My favorite part about signing up for AOL – just to use it for free fifty days then cancel – is choosing a screen name.

“The Bearsʼ Famous Invasion of Sicily” is the noblest book I know.

I remember my very first email account. For the first entire year, I replied to every person who emailed me the day I read his or her message. I admit that now I am not so good, but I try.

Duty is joy.

I will never tan, regardless of how hard I try. I must understand this.

Some people tell me they like my hair short. Some people tell me they like my hair long. I donʼt really care. But if you offer to cut my hair for no charge, I will accept. I will accept.

The Teaching Assistant in my “Masterworks of British Literature” class helped me to learn to love reading. It wasnʼt my elementary school teacher, it wasnʼt my 12th grade AP English teacher. It was my college TA, and it was Mary Shelley.

This sentence is filler, so I donʼt end with the words “it was Mary Shelley.”

This sentence is filler, because I screwed up the first one.