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You Know Who You Are

by William Jackson on 2005-09-06

If I could do something about it? Indeed.

I survived this week. I can survive the next. This semester will be the hardest semester of all, but it will be the most rewarding.

If you donʼt know my roommate, you can become a better person simply by knowing him. He has that effect on everyone. There is no better person to live with on your way to the end of undergraduate life, while there may be certain persons who are just as good (you know who you are). I find irony (the good kind) in the fact that I began college sleeping in the same room as him, and I will end college (barring unforeseen circumstances) sleeping in the same room as him. It just seems appropriate.

Internet Explorer really isnʼt all that bad. Thatʼs saying something, because you can now refer to me as a “Help Desk consultant” and say so with a much higher degree of accuracy than last year. After three long, wonderful years as a proctor, I have changed jobs (and hourly income rates) for the better. All those people I told I would fix their computers (your know who you are) might actually get their computers fixed now.

If I am not working at the Help Desk, you wonʼt be able to find me, because I will either be in class or passed out on the sofa (we have a sofa!) from exhaustion. Or entertaining guests (you know who you are) in my vastly larger living/dining area. When I get my table back. Another sentence fragment. Because.

Does anyone know if Institute classes are on for Labor Day? Iʼll be attending church in Waco this weekend, so I havenʼt seen very many of my friends in Austin. Of course, I have seen several of my friends in Austin (you know who you are), and enjoyed their company.