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Thatʼs Why They Call Me Babyface

by William Jackson on 2005-11-01

I apologize to all the folks still using dialup. Thatʼs a lot of images to wait for.

My beard had to end soon. So it did. I thank everyone for their kind compliments on my costume. It has been one of the funnest Halloweens I have ever experienced.

Now I feel like I have a really small head, though.

Shaving 1

Shaving 2

Shaving 3

Shaving 4

Shaving 5

By the way, those pumpkins we carved at Family Home Evening ended up going into some awesome pumpkin bread, which I can give anyone that asks. I also have a recipe for pumpkin pie which I will be trying out soon. This is what Halloween is all about: growing a beard just to shave it off and carving a pumpkin just to eat it come November.