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Thrice Makes Tradition

by William Jackson on 2005-11-05

This evening marks the third time I have had the privilege of listening to Death Cab for Cutie play live at Stubbʼs.

The first instance fell on 28 April 2004. I didnʼt go to the concert, but Colleen called me from the concert and I heard Death Cab live for the first time over a cell phone.

The second chance I had to hear, nay, experience this fine band, was 30 October 2004. This time I was at the concert in person. Colleen was there,too. It was incredible.

Death Cab concert number three came tonight. I wasnʼt even expecting it. I knew they were playing, I knew some of my friends would be there, but I just wasnʼt in the mood to fork out the dough this year. I was playing Star Wars: Republic Commando when I answered my phone and heard a familiar band playing on the other end.

It was so cool to hear Death Cab live again, even if the sound quality sucked. I also felt some unidentifiable emotion — a strange sort of disappointment, as far as I could tell — because it wasnʼt Colleen calling me from the concert. It was Christine, and sheʼs every bit as cool, but me and Death Cab for Cutie and Stubbʼs and Colleen have a history.

And somehow that makes a difference.