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Iʼm That Kind of Fan

by William Jackson on 2006-01-05

Everyone and their dog is blogging about how incredible the Rose Bowl game was last night. Itʼs my turn.

For those of you who are not aware, last night the University of Texas Longhorns played against the University of Southern California Trojans in a football game to determine the best team in the nation.

First the first time ever, I sat down in front of the television before the game even started, prepared to enjoy the entire thing. Everyone knew it would be good, and it was. From the very first fumble to whatever happened in the fourth quarter, the intensity just grew and grew.

I say, “whatever happened in the fourth quarter,” because with about five minutes left in the third quarter, and felt tired so I went into my bedroom and fell asleep on my bed with all my clothes on. I woke up when the game was over, because everyone (i.e. Jared) in the next room was yelling.

I immediately went back to sleep, woke up twenty minutes ago and wrote this. Iʼm that kind of fan.