2006-01-15 14:46:00 +0000

My sister Mary is a genius. I want a digital camera for my birthday, so if you must get me something, send money. It was her idea. Please note: If I owned a real digital camera, this entry would have pictures in it.

I just had a wonderful weekend. My brother Eric came down to pick me up from Austin late Friday afternoon, and we drove to Houston. We got to my other brotherʼs (Davidʼs) house around 21:30. Eric and I played about a dozen games of Crazy Eights, but I never won. We played one game of Rummikub, and I won. I guess Crazy Eights just isnʼt my game.

David and his wife Chelsea werenʼt home when we went to sleep (we used the hidden key to get in), and they were asleep when we left in the morning. That was kind of funny.

Saturday morning Eric and I left Davidʼs apartment at 07:45 to pick up my friend Cherry.

Background story: I met Cherry in England. We were both missionaries, and we lived near each other for about three months, in Plymouth. That was about three years ago. Weʼve been in touch, and when she told me she was coming to Texas for the first time, I did my best to plan to see her. My plan worked.

Cherry, Eric and I got lost on the way to the temple. A golf course and a three-way stop got in the way, but we got there just in time. The temple was fabulous, as always. It was the first time Iʼve done an endowment session in that particular temple. All the other times I went I did baptisms.

After the temple the three of us ate lunch at Pappadeaux because Cherry wanted to try alligator. It was good.

Back at Davidʼs apartment, we decided what to do next. We drove down to the Gulf of Mexico, to a place called Kemah. First of all, seeing the Gulf again was awesome. Thereʼs just something about looking to the horizon and seeing nothing but water that makes me feel … adventurous.

Second of all, we fed stingrays. It was weird! You have to try it. In short, the ray swam over my entire arm and sucked a fish out of my hand. Two words: Cool.

Also, if you want use one of those public telescopes that are found on boardwalks and the tops of Empire State Buildings all over America, look through it before you put money in it. It probably already works! Mine did, at least.

After all this fun and more, we went back to Davidʼs apartment, ate a delicious double-decker taco dinner, played a few more card games, and dropped Cherry back where she was staying.

Eric and I drove back to Austin Saturday night, and Eric left for Waco Sunday morning.

If Cherry didnʼt go to school 1521.1 miles (as the car drives) from where I do, Iʼd love to do it again sometime.