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Climb Evʼry Mountain

by William Jackson on 2006-01-22

Last Friday night I went to a birthday party for my friend Rebecca. It was a Sound of Music sing-along. Just as the Reverend Mother was about to bust out with “climb evʼry mountain,” someone made the comment that she is really wise, like Yoda.

So I start singing “climb evʼry mountain” in my best Yoda voice. That was funny.

This evening I found myself in conversation with the same Rebecca. We both discovered that the other was an avid viewer of the television show Square One. I was laughing my head off as she would describe an episode to me, and I would know exactly what she was talking about.

Then I found out she has Bloomsbury copies of all the Harry Potter books. That just seals the deal. One day Iʼm going to own the Harry Potter book set, and Iʼm going to own the ones that were published in England.

I feel so much cooler about my nerdiness now.

[Edit: Posted exactly at midnight. How cool is that?]