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by William Jackson on 2006-02-12

If youʼre Mormon, you know what a calling is. And you know what a secondcounselor in the elders quorum presidency is. So you donʼt have to readany more of this.

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, all the localleaders are selected from the congregation and are not paid for theirservice. When I am asked to shoulder a specific responsibility, Ireceive a calling. Today I was called to be the second counselor inthe elders quorum presidency.

The elders quorum is a group of men in my congregation who all hold thepriesthood. The quorum is presided over by one man, who in turn has twocounselors that help him with his duties. The president and his twocounselors make up the quorum presidency. And Iʼm the second counselor.

The quorum presidency is responsible for teaching the members of thequorum their priesthood duties and for giving them opportunities tolearn as they perform those duties.

This is going to be exciting.