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Spring Break 2006: Day 1

by William Jackson on 2006-03-13

The party has begun. Are you ready for the best spring break ever? Ihope so, because it is already upon us.

As all good spring breaks do, this yearʼs spring break started with someyard work. I assisted my mother and two youngest brothers this morning.I found an excuse to dig a hole in our front yard; thatʼs the point ofyard work, right? Itʼs an excuse to dig holes. We all took turns withthe shovel.

There was also some trimming and raking and sweeping, but you understandnone of this is as exciting as digging, for reasons unbeknownst to evenmyself.

After all that semi-hard work, we had a picnic lunch — in the foodcourt of a local mall. Hey, it was cold outside. After lunch we went toa park and tried to fly a kite and tried to play tennis.