Spring Break 2006: Day 4

2006-03-16 15:53:00 +0000

Youʼll never guess what I did today. I dug holes again.

Mom went to the temple in Dallas today. She left before I was out of bed. The yard work challenge of the day was to remove a tree from the back yard and replant it in the front yard.

The first hole Matthew, Mark and I dug was the original tree position. It wasnʼt a very big tree, but we had to dig around roots, and that made it difficult.

Hole number 2 was the first candidate for the new location of the tree. Unfortunately, I uncovered a sprinkler pipe. Lucky me. Hole 3 was two feet away from hole 2, and it was the final resting place of the tree.

All the dirt (and tree) that used to be in hole 1 is now in hole 3. All of hole 3ʼs original dirt is in hole 1. Letʼs just pretend hole 2 never existed.

Then we three [hole-digging] kings went to the bowling alley. We are all bowling wizards: Mark scored 92, Matthew scored 136 (by cleverly bowling three balls per frame), and I scored 174 with four strikes in a row.