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Spring Break 2006: Day 5

by William Jackson on 2006-03-17

The last day of spring break proper included a road trip and a birthday.

This morning Dad, Mark, Matthew and I departed in my dadʼs Buick LeSabre to drive to Commerce, Texas. (“Le Sabre” is french for “thesabre”.) Itʼs a three-hour drive.

Thank you Mary for talking to me about life and stuff. Dad had the radioturned down special so we could have our conversation.

Once we got to Commerce we rolled over to the Texas A&M campus and didsome climbing on their spectacular climbing thingy. Itʼs not made ofrock, and itʼs not really a wall. Itʼs an artificial column of climbingfury. Whatever it is, it is cool.

Thank you Lorraine and ChloĆ« for singing to my voicemail. I was on theclimbing wall and didnʼt hear my phone ringing.

Then back at my sister Heatherʼs house we watched Just Like Heaven,which was a good movie. But then I needed some fresh air and light, soI slipped outside for a bit while dinner was cooking.

Oh, what a dinner! We had super-tasty lasagna. That pasta could have wona prize, or a medal. The salad and bread were also delicious. Then outcomes an incredible cake covered with coconut and twenty-four on-firecandles. Cake was eaten with my new favorite ice cream: English Toffeefrom Braumʼs. Itʼs authentic French ice cream! Somehow.

My family gave me the stars for my birthday. We went to the planetariumand I felt like I was in fourth grade again. I want to go back, it wasso fun. I might even be able to find the North Star on my own now, sothat dream of sailing the ocean is one step closer to reality.

Thank you Eric for your message. I was in the planetarium and my phonewas off. Thank you Sarah, Rebecca and Eric for singing to me live. Itwas tender.