Google Is a Bag of Jelly Belly Beans

2006-04-19 11:18:00 +0000

Every time I put a Jelly Belly Bean in my mouth, I pause. How can the flavour of popcorn, or cantaloupe, or jalapeno, or strawberry cheesecake be squeezed into such a little bean? And how can the flavours be so accurate? Every bean is so wonderful. And colorful.

Googleʼs web applications are like that. They are colorful. But they also cause me to sit back and reflect on how extremely cool, intuitive and powerful they are.

For the last month or so, I have been looking around for a solution to a problem. The problem: find a web-based calendar. Thatʼs easy to use. That can do recurring appointments. That looks cool. A tall order, I know.

I tried a few on my own server, and settled on one, but I wasnʼt really satisfied. Then Google comes to the rescue.

I am now a very happy user of Google Calendar. Itʼs beautiful and powerful and just what I needed, and every time I use it I am reminded of Jelly Belly Beans.

Thatʼs the best kind of web application.