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The Day at the Lake (and the Morning After)

by William Jackson on 2006-05-15

There isnʼt always a price to pay for fun, unless youʼre simple like me.

Last Saturday I frolicked with friends over at the lake. Well, itʼs actually a river, but itʼs been dammed so it counts as a lake. Itʼs just a very long, narrow lake. And thatʼs where I was when said frolicking took place.

I tried to slackline. Thatʼs where someone ties a cord between two trees so that itʼs really tight, but itʼs elastic so it gives when you put weight on it. The idea is to balance your self on it, but I never got that far. According to the guy who was teaching us, Iʼm too tense.

I dived in. It was cold. I swam around. I got on a boat. I played with a Frisbee in the water. I had a great time. On the way home we “hiked” Mount Bonnell.

I got sunburned. And I got sunsick. I was expecting the former, because I always get sunburned. But I completely forgot about my sunsickness. Until the morning after.

When I awoke Sunday morning, I felt terrible. I felt sick to my stomach, and generally weak all over, and extremely dehydrated. I had a little headache. I stayed home all day, drinking lots of water. I felt better when I finally got out of bed and had something to eat.

The sunsickness only lasted a day. Iʼm happy to be feeling much better this morning, but Iʼm sad that I missed Church yesterday.

And thatʼs my adventure for the weekend.