Happy Fireworks!

2006-07-05 11:43:00 +0000

Quite suddenly, I went home to visit my parents on the Fourth of July. Jared picked me up from work Monday evening. We gathered a few things at the apartment and uneventfully drove to the greater Waco area.

When I got to my house, my sister Heather and her daughter Eva were there along with my parents and brother Daniel, who had fetched me from Jaredʼs house. They were popping popcorn. Daniel had left to get me in the middle of watching Mission: Impossible II.

I ate gumbo and watched the rest of Mission: Impossible II. The movie kind of sucks because it was directed by John Woo. John Woo is not a bad director, but I donʼt like his style in a Mission: Impossible movie.

On Independence Day the annual parade came down our street. Itʼs nice to just walk out your front door and have candy thrown at you. After the parade Lorraine and Jack and Ellen came over and we ate waffles, lots and lots of waffles.

And took pictures, lots and lots of pictures.

After a bit of lounging, the manfolk went to the theatre to watch Mission: Impossible III. I liked that movie a lot.

In the evening the missionaries came over for dinner (pizza), then I started watching The Empire Strikes Back. What a wonderful movie! Jared came and picked me up to go back to Austin just before Vader said, “No, I am your father.” What a wonderful movie.

Even though it was a bit rainy Tuesday evening, we got to see some fireworks from the highway.