Newspaper publishes wrong verb tense on front page

2006-09-13 16:56:00 +0000

Image: The Daily Texan, grammatically challenged

Classes continued normally at the University of Texas yesterday as another issue of The Daily Texan was released. Many students were unaware as they perused the newspaper that they were holding a piece of journalistic literature with a flagrant grammatical error on the cover.

“Student protesters questions attacks” read that dayʼs front-page headline. This discrepancy was discovered by Computer Science senior William Jackson.

“I donʼt usually pick up the paper, because I donʼt have a birdcage I have to keep lined. I got it today because I was planning on doing some finger-painting later tonight,” Jackson explained. “I donʼt want to get finger paint all over my carpet.”

Jackson continued, “I wasnʼt even going to read it, but the letters were so big, the error so blatant, I couldnʼt help but notice.”

The Daily Texan has a long history: it was first published in 1900 and has been serving the University of Texas at Austin since then. Jackson has had access to the paper since 2000 when he first came to the University.

“I never really liked the Texan,” Jackson explained. “What are there, like nine different fonts on the front page alone? It hurts my eyes just to look at it. As far as the grammar is concerned, this is just the kind of journalistic quality I have come to expect from this newspaper.”

Jackson recalled another incident that left him questioning the reliability of the Texan. “I remember another headline from a while back. It said something like, ‘Montoya says adios, thatʼs Spanish for goodbye’. Seriously, is that supposed to be funny? Who doesnʼt know that already?”

In defense of the newspaper, the online edition either did not fall victim to the same error, or it was promptly changed upon discovery.

“This is a real blow to my school pride.” Jackson concluded. “I thought there were some tests you had to pass to get accepted to UT. Iʼm considering applying to be a proofreader for the Texan so I can do my part to keep this kind of humiliation to a minimum.”