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This Fish Is Not Cooked!

by William Jackson on 2006-10-20

Image: This fish is not cooked!

Tonight I had for-real sushi. Not fake crabmeat sushi from the studentunion, the real deal. It was fish and it was not cooked! And it wasdelicious!

I actually only ate a bit of fish. Most of my dish was eel, which, I amtold, needs to be cooked.

So, if Iʼm sick tomorrow I will know why.

My friend Jerry and I have developed a tradition for ourselves here inAustin. Every Friday (almost) we go to a new restaurant for dinner andhave an adventure! After dinner we always go to Amyʼs Ice Cream.

Tonightʼs adventure was Sushi Sak√©. The food is better than thewebsite.