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The Texas Eagle

by William Jackson on 2006-11-02

On Friday I sang with the UT Menʼs Chorus, “if that train runs me right, Iʼll be home Saturday night.” As it turns out, I was home Friday night and I rode in a car with my parents.

Saturday morning found us at the temple in Dallas, and in the evening we went to a Halloween party. My younger brother Mark dressed very convincingly as the Grim Reaper, and my youngest brother Matthew jumped around as Mario (but without the mustache). As for me, I threw on a three-piece suit and sang Sinatra and Jiminy Cricket while serving punch. No foolinʼ.

David and Chelsea appeared at the party, too. How did they know where we were? They checked the calendar.

Monday evening, to go back to Austin, I actually did ride a train. I did! I had my first American train experience. Iʼve ridden many trains, but they were always in England. Trains in England are different than the train I rode on Monday.

First, it was huge. It was huge! The train was as tall as a two-story house. Second, the seats, they were like airplane seats, but wider, and with more leg room. Third, well, how many of you have ridden with Amtrak?

So I was pretty excited about riding the train.