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Bridging the divide, one router at a time

by William Jackson on 2007-01-26

Concerning our discussion of the digital divide, Google donates networkingequipment where it is needed.

Hardware is important to eliminating the divide. Captain Obvious said so. Howare you going to connect to the network without a network connection?

Education is just as important, though. According to the article linked above,the hardware is ending up at universities and research institutes. Thatʼsprobably the best place to send it. It will definitely be used there.

But when someone is introduced to the Internet for the first time, theytypically need to be taught how to use it. Like I said, universities get thehardware and get online, and the people there probably know what to do once theyare online. Hopefully they can use those resources to teach the common folkwhatʼs going down.