Technical support

2007-02-03 18:14:00 +0000

Belkin router

I work in the technical support field, but I donʼt have to deal with technical support myself very often. I recently had to, however, when my network broke.

I was trying to change settings on my router when I ran into some trouble. I would enable a certain feature, then the interface would reload and the feature in question would be disabled again. I tried it several times, and the only reason I could think of for the problem was that my router was broken.

I remembered one of my coworkers telling me that Belkin products have a lifetime warranty, so I pulled out the box for the router and sure enough, I found “Lifetime Warranty” written right on the top, and a 24/7 technical support number to call. I wasnʼt busy, so I called the number.

At first I had to navigate an automated menu. Thankfully it wasnʼt one of those voice-recognition jobs that wouldnʼt recognize the Queenʼs English. I had the model number of my router ready, but I was surprised when the automated voice asked me to press 1 if my router was this particular model. Either this is a really popular model, or Belkin has had some problems with it.

I finally got on the line with a live person, “Paula,” with a suspiciously east Asian accent. Insert complaints about outsourcing technical support and customer service phone centers here.

Actually, Paula knew what she was doing. She figured out my problem in about ninety seconds and I was on my way. I felt really stupid. I even got a coupon code for 25% off my next purchase from the Belkin website.

Unfortunately, the coupon code expired three days after the phone call.