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Sports section invades front page

by William Jackson on 2007-02-13

Sports invasion

On Tuesday morning, the sports section of The Daily Texan invaded thefront page, claiming territory once the dominion of local non-sports news.

This coup came unexpectedly, though it appears to have been bloodless,thankfully stemming the tide of “whatʼs black and white and red all over”jokes.

The front page has long been the exclusive territory of UT Austin-relatedstories, occasionally commandeered by national or international news ofgeneral interest.

“Sports is not of general interest,” commented Computer Science seniorWilliam Jackson. “Now if this freshman Damion Jones of which the articlespeaks had two heads, that would be of general interest.”

It is not known how long this occupation will last. The presence of too manystatistics and foreign words like “winningest” may produce unrest among thepopulace, forcing sports back to section B from whence it came.