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(Not a Google Talk) Riddle 4: Beans!

by William Jackson on 2007-03-19

Due to popular demand, riddle release procedure has changed. The official release location is now this site, instead of my Google Talk status message. The riddle will be answered here after someone has submitted a correct answer or 24 hours, whichever is longer.

Submit your answers via email or instant message. Or phone, if you want. Just keep it private so you donʼt ruin it for anyone.

Ask questions in the comments, and I will answer them in the comments the best I can without revealing the solution. That way everyone benefits from your questions.

Now, have a riddle:

Before you lie three closed boxes. They are labeled “Blue Jellybeans”, “Red Jellybeans” and “Blue & Red Jellybeans.” In fact, all the boxes are filled with jellybeans. One with just blue, one with just red and one with both blue and red. However, all the boxes are incorrectly labeled. You may reach into one box and pull out only one jellybean. Which box should you select from to correctly label the boxes?