2007-07-10 09:34:00 +0000

Until Google releases Socialstream, I will endeavor to collect all my content that I have scattered across the network, and consolidate it here.

  • The blog, for the moment, is right here. I am considering moving it to Blogger. But not very seriously.
  • Photographs are at [Flickr](

    My other option was Picasa Web Albums, but I like a lot of the features Flickr has that Picasa does not. Google canʼt be the greatest at everything, friend. I am working on moving over any photos I have left on this site.

  • You will find videos at YouTube. These are few, but available nevertheless. I suppose I could have used Google Video, but Google owns both sites anyway. Note to self: if you ever get into making videos more seriously, look into Vimeo.
  • I keep my bookmarks at I think you should, too. At least, your public ones. If you use, let me know so you can be in my network!
  • If you donʼt know my email address, hereʼs a hint: my name is William and my website is If you are my friend on Facebook, you can get my telephone number and a lot of other contact information from my profile page.

My master plan is to just fetch everything from those sites and weave it all together here. But all in good time, friend.