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Secret clubs

by William Jackson on 2007-09-17

Perhaps you can imagine this scenario:

I am standing at a crosswalk waiting for the Red Hand to be replaced by the Walking Man, waiting alongside two dozen other students. I just got off the bus outside the University Co-op and it is 7:35 in the morning.

The cars begin to thin, as they always do just before the traffic light turns amber. Already several people have stepped off the curb. The light turns amber, and two-thirds of the herd of Longhorns are almost into the first lane of traffic. The light turns red, and everyone but me and one other girl are in the street.

Then, and only then, does the Walking Man appear. Then, and only then, do I step off the curb and cross the street.

Then, and only then (except for right now), do I think about how I must be a member of a secret club of people who wait for the appropriate time to cross the street. Actually, I am probably the president of that club.

Other secret clubs of which I am probably the president include:

I was recently kicked out of one secret club: IT Consultants Who Tell You to Back Up Your Data but Do Not Back Up Their Own.