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Iʼm asking you to do this.

by William Jackson on 2007-10-20

Vote for Crosswalk

Geoff Yano is my favorite director. I might be a bit biased, because he has directed every film I ever acted in. But he is great! And phenomenal.

Geoff is so phenomenal, in fact, that he recently made a three-minute movie in 24 hours. And it is awesome. The movie, Crosswalk, is part of the 2007 Apple Insomnia Film Festival. Itʼs a contest and normal people like you and like me get to help decide who wins.

So you should click that banner up above and rate Geoffʼs movie, because it is really good and deserves to win.

For more detailed instructions on how to register and rate the film, I refer you to Dan Jonesʼ blog.

Please give Geoff a good rating, then tell everyone you know to do the same!