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Text message from 18173193839

by William Jackson on 2008-07-16

Help, someone lost a text message.

Received: 15:26:48 2008-07-16

Hey man i am about the take a practice MCAT so i will be unavailable until after 9. We are planning to play pong after 10. Let me know when you are free for the night and if you have other guys who want to come. We can pick you up at jester and drop you off

So, I have not idea who this came from or what they are talking about. But I love it when someone dials the wrong number. I used to get calls all the time for a different William, but at least that time it was from someone I knew and the other William was also a friend.

The reference to “jester” lets me know that the message is from someone local. Jester is the name of the biggest dormitory at the University of Texas. I was tempted to play along and send a message back that sounded vaguely like I knew what I was talking about, but I ultimately decided against it.