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The Texas Hayfield Maze

by William Jackson on 2008-10-12

On Saturday Rebecca and I went to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls, Texas. We got a lift on a hayride to the Texas Maze. This is a huge “hayfield maze” shaped like Texas.

The point of the maze is to go in, find nine points that represent the geographical locations of certain Texas cities, and punch a hole in a card with the hole puncher at each point. If one found every city, one got a free drink when one came out.

William in the maze

Rebecca in the maze

We found Coahoma

We probably spent close to an hour searching for cities, and we came out once to consult the map for a few cities that we couldnʼt find at first. Rebeccaʼs mother Ann called me (probably because Rebecca did not have her phone with her) and asked me where we were.

“We are lost in a giant maze the shape of Texas,” I replied.

With Annʼs well-wishes, we succeeded in the end and Rebecca got her bottle of water and I got my pink lemonade.