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WardMap has been resurrected as LDSWardMap

by William Jackson on 2009-07-07

Back at the end of 2006, I whipped up a script to help me with my Church duties. I was a membership clerk at the time, and responsible for keeping the membership records accurate.

The Church provides a directory of telephone, address, and email information on the local ward websites, and gives you the option of downloading the directory as CSV file. WardMap, when I originally wrote it, was meant to parse that CSV file and put markers on a map to indicate the addresses of the members in the ward.

I let it languish for a while, but with my recent personal success of moving birthdayfeed to Google App Engine, I decided to try the same trick with WardMap.

So now, the webapp formerly known as WardMap, and now re-christened LDSWardMap, is available and hosted on Google App Engine. Iʼll be going through this blog archive to refer old links to the new location.

I find LDSWardMap very useful when I need to visit several members in one go, and I want a rough idea of where I will be going.