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State of the Art

by William Jackson on 2009-11-21

Rebecca recently inherited the following piece of furniture from her grandma:

Victor-Victrola VE 9-18X

Do you recognize it? Thatʼs right, it is a Victrola VE 9-18X, built by the Victor Talking Machine Company in 1928. You can read more about it on the Victor-Victrola Page.

I didnʼt know what it was when I first looked at it. I assumed it was just a cabinet. When I opened it I noticed the shelves were in strange places, and most of them had holes precisely cut for no apparent reason. Then I found the brass label on the inside of the cabinet, complete with model and serial number.

VE 9-18X label

Unfortunately, all the electronics were pulled out of this cabinet a while ago. But I appreciate that the purpose of the piece is to provide a decorous way to conceal electronic equipment. So I did just that: I used the cabinet to conceal my cable modem and wireless router.

VE 9-18X used to conceal cable modem and wireless router