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Why Isnʼt My Microwave Smarter?

by William Jackson on 2010-10-19

I had an incredible idea today. Microwaves should have barcode scanners.

Seriously, microwaves should have barcode scanners right on the front. Andmicrowaveable meals should have barcodes that instruct the microwave how to cookthem. Popcorn, too. The barcode could contain information about how long and atwhat power level the food needs to be cooked.

Frozen dinner manufacturers would then have the freedom to be as complicated asthey want with their cooking instructions. High power for 1:15, 70% power for3:45. With a 30 second pause in the middle. Eating convenience food just got tentimes more convenient. You donʼt even need to know how to read.

Scan package, put food in, press start.

I donʼt know why I am so excited about this. I donʼt even eatmicrowave dinners.