I Continue to Obtain Gadgets for Free

2011-04-04 16:19:00 +0000

It has been a while (since mid-February, actually) since I got a GPS navigation device for my car. This is how I got it.

Sometime near the beginning of the year, I got an advertisement in the mail for a roadside assistance membership called AutoVantage. According to the flyer, if I joined I would get a free GPS device and the first month of membership was free. This offer came through my bank – I have a credit card from Wells Fargo that I havenʼt used in years.

I thought for a moment that this was a scam, but I decided it must be legitimate if Wells Fargo was going to put their name on it. I carefully read the fine print, filled out the forms, and applied. Worst case scenario: I would be out $15.99 with no GPS device.

Mediocre case scenario: I would end up paying $15.99 for a GPS device that normally sells for about $45.

Best case scenario: I would get a free GPS device with no strings attached.

I will tell you right now that the best case scenario transpired. I got the GPS device, I cancelled my membership via email without any trouble, and my credit card statement the following month had a debit of $15.99 shortly followed by a credit of $15.99.

Also I donʼt get lost any more when I am trying to get to your house.