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What a Great Way to End the Semester

by William Jackson on 2005-05-14

Last night I had dinner and fun with a good group of people. We ate burritos, and you all know how much I love tortillas. Before dinner, though, we were chatting, getting to know each other, and generally having an amusing conversation.

We discussed Cookie Monster, and how he needs a new name, now that he doesnʼt exclusively eat cookies anymore.

“Weʼll call him Harold,” I said, “because Grover is already taken.”

“By who?” the girl across the room asked. I couldnʼt believe my ears.

“By Grover,” I replied, with all seriousness. I think I might have been slightly glaring when I said that, considering the look she gave me, but it was absolutely hilarious.

After dinner we began preparations for “the festivities”. We were filling little balloons with powdered dye, then adding water, to make paint-water bombs. We also mixed up a few gallons of pudding.

One girl — coincidentally, the same one from the Grover episode — was particularly good at getting the powder in the balloons. She mentioned that she grew up in Argentina, and I put two and two together. As a baby she was kidnapped by a South American drug lord, and all her life she smuggled cocaine by stuffing balloons then swallowing them.

She did slip into a suspicious Hispanic accent from time to time.

When the balloons were ready, we rolled out a bunch of butcher paper and painted on it with pudding with our feet. Of course, that got a bit out of hand, and a significant amount of pudding ended up on bodies instead of paper.

Finally, the balloons came out. This was a standard water balloon battle, augmented by the fact that all our clothes were permanently dyed red and green at the end.

Luckily, there was a swimming pool at the apartment complex we were using as our battlefield, so most of us jumped in to wash ourselves off. I canʼt remember the last time I jumped in a swimming pool with all my clothes on.

When everything settled down, we spent the rest of the evening determining what color each otherʼs mind was, and reading Chinese silverware writing.

The whole night was totally awesome.