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WardMap 2.2

by William Jackson on 2006-12-01

Update: WardMap has been replaced with LDSWardMap, which is a hosted solution that you do not need to install on your own web server.

I made an update to my WardMap script, so now we are at 2.2. The changelog is in the script.

WardMap is a convenient way to plot ward members on a Yahoo! map. See the demo. The demo uses a fabricated membership directory. Actual directory information for my ward is restricted to members of my ward.

As always, the source can be downloaded from /stuff/wardmap.php.

Please email me if you would like to use WardMap.

An explanation: the ward websites that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hosts for each local congregation include a directory of members for that congregation. There is an option to download that directory as a csv (comma separated values) file. The WardMap script uses that csv file without changes and plots the addresses on a map.

Using this script requires a few things:

  1. A Yahoo! Application ID. This is a free ID that allows a programmer to access Yahoo! web services. Instructions for obtaining this can be found in the source of the script.
  2. A web server to host the script, with the particular ability to run scripts written in PHP.
  3. To view the map, you need a web browser with support for JavaScript and Adobe Flash. Any modern browser will do: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, &c. Flash is free from Adobeʼs website.